Keep a Crowd Safe: Barrier Solutions

How to Build a Temporary Fence

There are many different types of barriers available to keep crowds safe, and the type you choose will depend on your needs. If you are hosting a concert or other event with music that is loud enough to cause permanent hearing damage, then an ear protection barrier may be perfect for your needs. Concerts can be very unsafe because sound waves at concerts can reach up to 137 decibels! Ear protection barriers come with a wide variety of options to match your needs, including heavy-duty steel that can withstand the weight from people leaning against them.

Cheap crowd control barriers are typically made out of plastic and they will not work for all events. They may be more appropriate if you need something temporary or low cost, but they also tend to break down quickly and many times it is difficult to move crowds through these types of barricades – especially large ones! Plastic “T” posts do well in places where there is only light foot traffic such as hallways because they won’t get stuck on door frames like some other popular barrier choices might. If you’re hosting an event outdoors then it’s likely best choose another type of barrier solution.

Crowd Control Barriers

Some other types of barriers that work great for outdoor events include impact attenuation barriers or I-Beams. These will keep people from getting hurt if a car crashes into your barricade, and they are very easy to set up because all you need is a truck and four strong guys! When using this type of barrier make sure it’s placed far enough away from buildings so no one gets hit by falling debris should the building collapse during an earthquake.

Automated crowd control systems can be utilized at larger venues where things like sound proofing might not be cost effective or practical. In order to protect large crowds automated barriers must be able to provide adequate protection against both vehicular traffic as well as gun fire. As technology continues to grow we expect more innovative solutions from the crowd control barriers industry.

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