Makeup Trends for 2022: What to Know Now

How Will We Look In 2022?

It’s never too early to start planning for the future! Here are some of what cosmetic manufacturers melbourne predict to be hot in 2022.

Lipstick with a matte finish is expected to be one of the most popular trends, as well as lip glosses that can create gradient effects. This will be especially popular with the younger generations.

Nudes will still dominate this year, but expect more variation on the theme – browns and reds will be trending, along with bolder colors like orange and pink hues. However, expect these trends to be more popular in Western Europe, while the United States will still favor neutrals.

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Lighter shades of eyeshadow are expected this year with mattes and lighter shimmers trending for both day time and evening looks.

Another hot trend is lash extensions that mimic natural lashes . This makes it easier than ever to achieve a glamorous look without too much effort.

Skin care products are becoming more and more important as people become more interested in taking care of their skin. Look for natural ingredients to be popular this year, especially those that have anti-aging properties.

This year’s makeup trend seems to be “no makeup” at all! Foundation-free looks are making their way into our everyday routines now, so they’ll likely keep spreading next year too. For example, a no makeup look might include a tinted moisturizer with SPF, or even just a BB cream to achieve that natural glow.

In the next five years expect an increase in popularity of pearly and metallic finishes for eyeshadow palettes . There will also be more focus on blending colors together rather than simply applying one shade over another – this is especially true for smoky eye looks. In addition, people are going to want their lip products to have unique textures such as matte liquid lipstick , glosses, metallics and satins. This trend has been seen mostly among younger cosmetic consumers so far but it won’t take long before everyone wants these options!

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